Where To Shop To Get That 40s Look On A Budget

So you have been invited to a 40s event of some description and you have to look the part. Oh no you’re broke. You have looked online and have gasped in amazement at the cost of authentic 1940s clothing, you’ve looked the online modern-day retailers whose items are made to vintage styles Collectif etc and they are as expensive. What shall you do?

There are a number of options. First and probably top of everyone’s list, your local charity shops. If you are lucky enough to have a regular 40s event in your area Severn Valley, etc they usually will be well geared up in what you want and can advise.

Online like eBay, schpock, marketplace. You can pick up some real bargains. especially if you already know what you are are looking for and your budget.

Another great place is older relatives’ wardrobes plus this would be free- ok you may have to alter them but would still be cheaper than a whole new outfit.

Car boot sales are another good place but as these usually take event in summer this could be a bit of a no go if it’s a winter event.

Another place although these are few and far between nowadays is jumble sales. You usually find that Churches still have occasional jumble sales just look online at your local newspaper or the free newspapers.

More recently I have picked up items from our equivalent of garage and yard sales finding the information of the local towns Facebook pages etc. Also, a website called yardsales net https://yardsales.net

Vintage fairs – you can usually find bargains of some description just look online for one in your area.

Finally your local vintage shop may have a sale rail or bargain basket plus here you would get the expert advice you need on creating a look.


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